Tango Artists / Instructors
Stockholm International Queer Tango Festival 24-26 May 2013

Charlotte Rivero (Stockholm)

Charlotte is the founder of queer tango in Sweden. She started with same sex courses 2000 with exchange of roles & partners. These courses were later 2005 connected to queer theory and named queer tango. The first official queer tango course in Sweden was given 2005.

She presented her concept of queer tango pedagogy/teaching at the international dance research conference NOFOD, Stockholm Jan 2006. She runs a queer tango school, Tangoverkstan - Roles in Motion, in Stockholm and organizes the annual Stockholm International Queer Tango Festival since 2007, the second queer tango festival in the world.

Charlotte has also been teaching/performing/giving talks at different parts of Sweden and abroad both in straight and queer communities in: Russia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Argentina, USA, England & Germany and the queer tango festivals in Hamburg, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires and San Francisco.

Her work with developing queer tango/gender/ norm critical pedagogy is acknowledged by official institutions in Sweden. She works as an invited guest teacher with tango & queer/gender theory at the University of Lund: Malmö Theatre Academy, University of Gothenburg: Academy of Music and Drama, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, Stockholm University of Dance and Circus and The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR).

The emphasis in teaching is based on dynamic movements, musicality & improvisation, presence in the moment, connection & communication with awareness of power relations and gender structures. In the teaching exploration and play with roles is essential: from clear roles, clear exchanges of roles to more sliding/open/improvised roles.

The pedagogy is based on gender/queer theory, norm critcal thinking, problem based learning and empowerment.


Charlotte Rivero


Cristiano Bramani (Rome)

Cristiano Bramani has a background as a classical ballet dancer. After short period in roman ballet company he travelled to Buenos Aires and becomes keen on Tango and latin american folk-dance. He studies argentinian, colombian and mexican folk-dance. He travels around Italy and Europe dancing in a colombian and mexican folk company.

He develops his Tango travelling between Rome and Buenos Aires. His way of dance ranges over milonguero, salon and "nuevo" and he builds a personal and eclectic style. He started to dance as a leader and after some time he also discovered and learned the role of the follower.

Believing that tango offers the possibilities to express your self freely and equally, his way of teaching focus on knowledge of both roles. His work focus on mutual listening, sensitivity expansion and the skill to guide and follow regardless of role, in order that each one can express himself and his feelings in tango, in a dialogue, a complete mutual connection.

Cristiano started teaching tango 2004. Since 2009 he is the only one in Italy to offer regular tango queer class, in cooperation with BALLOROMO, GLBT partner dance roman association. He is the "Tango-queer Roma" project organizer, bringing tango queer in most important milongas in Rome, involving promoters, teachers and dancers of "traditional" tango channel. He is coming to the festival with Andrea Cesarini, roman dancer and teacher, who often join him in Tango-queer projects.



Cristiano Bramani

Andrea Cesarini (Rome)

From 1990 he began studying and practicing Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do and Kung-fu. Later he attended courses in modern dance and theater workshops. Finally he discover and arrives at the Tango Argentino.

Andrea began a course of study with Ali Namazi and Eliana Montanari and Marcelo Alvarez and Sabrina Amato. Meanwhile, attending seminars with high-level international masters such as Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda, Javier Rodriguez and Andrea Missé, Pablo Inza and Eugenia Parrilla, Pablo and Dana Villarraza Frigoli, Adrian and Alejandra Hobert Veredice, Gustavo Rosas and Gisela Natoli.

The method of instruction, careful to the technical component of class issues focused on solving problems of the individual.

Andrea is a teacher at the Center of the Argentine Tango in Rome, working with Cristiano Bramani in the project Roma Tango Queer.



Andrea Cesarini

Max Kepler (Seattle)

Max began dancing Argentine tango in 1997. Since 2001 she has danced and taught in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Boston, Denver, and Baltimore. Max truly enjoys both leading and following people of all genders.

Max founded Queer Seattle Tango in March of 2010.

Max is recognized by tango dancers and teaching colleagues across the U.S., for her playful and versatile dancing and for providing instruction that is technically precise, yet easily accessible. Her highly interactive teaching style empowers students to take their tango learning into their own hands because she believes that, ultimately, each individual must discover their own path in their life-long learning of tango.

Max's class offerings through Queer Seattle Tango are inclusive of all students who enjoy learning in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. In her teaching process she incorporates elements from her training in ballet, partnered jazz improv, tai chi, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and rehabilitative fitness education. In Max's classes you will develop dance skills through guided cooperative games and exercises, in a way that is gentle, safe, playful, and fun.

Queer Seattle Tango



Max Kepler
Max Kepler dancing tango


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