Festival Photographer

Laura Valentino is a fine art photographer based in Reykjavik, Iceland. She happens to love tango and is therefore intent on capturing the perfect, yet elusive tango moment. In her fine art works, she prints the images using the historic process of gum bichromate printing. This process uses watercolor pigments and the image is built up in layers, which adds a painterly look and texture to each unique print. Examples of Laura's photography can be seen at www.lavatop.com and her gum bichromate prints at www.lauraval.com.

During the festival it is not allowed to film or take pics exept for announced times, only private pics (without flash) of your friends but not on the social dance floor to keep the integrity of dancing couples and the athmosphere on the floor without disturbing cameras and flashes. Filming summaries at the end of classes is allowed (if teachers agree) but not filming whole classes. Filming and pics without flash are allowed during performances and other official "happenings" during milongas. Taking pics without flash will be allowed during each milonga between announced times.

The festival photographer will have special permission to take pictures and film.



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