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Lö 12 maj 2012 kl 16 till Lö 12 maj 2012 kl 17.15
Paneldiscussion Queer Tango Activism - Beyond Theory
Med Marc Vanzwoll, Rosa Juel Nordentoft, Thierry Guénin, Rodrigo Cervantes
RFSL, Sveavägen 59
The Stockhom International Queer Tango Festival is happy to invite you to a paneldiscussion during

  • Saturday 12th May at 16.00-17.15.

No other activities of the festival will be going on at that time.

Invited Moderator of the panel discussion is Marc Vanzwoll, queer tango scene in Boston, US.

Panelists are:

  • *Rosa Juel Nordentoft (QTF Copenhagen)
  • Thierry Guénin (QTF Oslo)
  • Rodrigo Cervantes (QTF Mexico)

The paneldiscussion will be about:

Queer Tango Activism - Beyond Theory

The panel discussion will explore Queer Tango Activism and its goals. What is Queer Tango Activism? Is there a need for it? Can anybody practice activism? What are the available tools and resources?
The idea is to have an active audience. Please come and discuss with us how we can make the world a better world with queer tango!

We are looking forward!

Charlotte Rivero
Organizer of 7th Stockholm International Queer Tango Festival
11-13 May 2012
Marc Vanzwoll, queer tango scene in Boston, US.

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