Tango i Stockholm Nyheter

Argentine Tango in Stockholm with Tangoverkstan - Roles in Motion®

Tangoverkstan - Roles in motion® offers tango courses for all levels. We offer beginners course in tango and queer tango. We are located in Stockholm, Sweden. Tangoverkstan - Roles in motion® also has many engagements in the rest of the country and abroad including courses in queer theory, gender and gender equality through tango.

Charlotte dancing tango


Tango courses Stockholm Spring 2015

Tango Course Beginners
Tango focusing on Musicality,
Communication & mindfulness


Mon 18.00 7 Sep
Tango Course All Levels
Musicality & Coreography!
Adv. Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced


Mon 19.30 7 Sep
Prova På Tango i Centrala Stockholm
Intensity, passion, feeling, musicality and mindfulness! Try tango with modern tango pedagogy! Tango for us is freedom, inspiration and the will to dance! You find us in the center of Stockholm!
Try Argentine Tango


From the Calendar
sö 29 jan
kl 15.30
Lyft din hållning och tango till högre höjder! Postura! Tangohållning från topp till tå! Från not till fot! Alla nivåer! Milonga 3Esquinas/Dans efteråt
må 6 feb
kl 18
Prova på Tango för Nybörjare i Stockholm
må 6 feb
kl 18
Argentinsk Tango Nybörjare i Stockholm Våren 2017